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Scatola del Tempo - Watch Winder 1RTM Dragon

Scatola del Tempo Watch Winder 1RTM Dragon

Créé par Scatola del Tempo, le" Watch Winder 1RTM", est un splendide écrin rotatif.

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Press release

Thanks to the artistic flair of Zannetti®, one of the most vital and enterprising independent watchmakers, this instrument has been transformed from an elite object to a truly unique piece. Furthermore, it exhibits a big dragon made in solid silver, designed by Riccardo Zannetti and crafted in his atelier in Rome. A workshop where ingenious machines blend with the essential hand-craft mastery, where hours of labour are spent on creating and designing, where manufacturing art takes shape. The result is an unequally exclusive object, distinguished by a value that will last forever over time.

Scatola del Tempo_332025_0

Table watch winder, conceived by Scatola del Tempo® for the recharge of one single timepiece. Both horizontal plate and cylinder are made of chrome brass. The base is leather covered and the gears are black PVD treated. The functioning of the rotor operates on alkaline batteries or with a 6 Volt DC adapter, featuring 10 rotating programs suitably studied to meet all the various requirements of movement recharging.

Personalised “Dragon” realised by Zannetti®. The bas-relief dragon, made in solid silver, is entirely handcrafted. The details are 18 karat gold-plated and feature red enamel finishes.

Scatola del Tempo® are pioneers in their specialist field of watch winders and boxes. Thanks to their development of the most technically advanced motors and control units, combined with the fine luxury finish of their products, Scatola del Tempo's are the ideal devices in which to preserve and protect important watch collections.

Scatola del Tempo_332025_1

The winders were born back in the 1990 from a genial idea of Sandro Colarieti, founder of Scatola del Tempo® and big collector in search of something exclusive to store his own watches. That's why he began to develop the first watch winder on the market, with the collaboration of the Patek Philippe maison.

We're talking about rotating watch boxes created to guarantee the recharge of automatic watches, in order to maintain not only the time but also the date, a key element in the perpetual calendars. All thanks to a micro motor, operated by a chip and powered by batteries or by an adaptor.

They are entirely hand made in Italy with first quality natural materials, for a choice without any compromise.

• The inventor of watchwinders, patented since 1990
• Born thanks to a brilliant idea and with the co-operation of the most prestigious watchmaker brand in the world
• Collaborations with all the most important watch brands
• More than 50 models available in several materials
• Entirely hand made in Italy with Swiss motors and technology
• Very best quality materials, elegance and attention to details
• Exclusive customized models
• Known worldwide
• Accurate and efficient after sale customer service

…who else?

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